Standalone standalone

The standalone version is sufficient for testing purposes and applications that do not use an extremely large database.


To use this version locally one has to install docker before ( Having done this, the command

docker run -it -d -p 3666:3838 -p 3667:8787 -p 3668:8983 -v r_data:/home/rstudio/iLCM -v r_data:/srv/shiny-server -v solr:/var/solr/data -v mariadb:/var/lib/mysql ckahmann/ilcm

does pull the image from dockerhub and starts a container hosting the needed services.

One can set port mappings to diffrent ports on their local system. Per default the 3 services are available on this ports:

Please make sure the selected Ports (3666, 3667, 3668) are not already blocked on your system. If this is the case, feel free to user others.

Docker Compose Version

Installation of Alpha Release

Current Version iLCM: 0.96

Linux/Mac:Download Install File

Windows 10 Pro:Dowload Install File

Windows Toolbox:Dowload Install File

Please follow the instructions in the install instructions.

tmca (Text Mining for Content Analysis) for R

The LCM is based on a library providing basic processing abstractions for text mining. Especially the application of text mining to social science content analysis is reflected in this library. The library is a basically a wrapper around quanteda, R spaCy, lda, liblineaR and many more in order to provide a convenient and methodologically sound access to those tools. The reprository can be found here:


The visual access to the toolsets of the tmca package are integrated into a R Shiny App. The visual component, the TMCA package and storage capabilities (Docker, Solr, Maria DB) for the LCM service architecture.