The LCM is optimized for the generic processing of large amounts of text data. However, for experienced researchers, it is easy to identify needs for analyzes that go beyond the generic usage of text mining. The combination of standardized computer-linguistic evaluations in the LCM and customized evaluations in the ORC environment is an elegant solution. Therefore, the ORC environment is integrated into the iLCM architecture. Interfaces and functions will be implemented in the iLCM to easily exchange data objects between the LCM and the ORC environment. For instance, output from the LCM component for further processing in the ORC environment can be entire text corpora, previously selected text collections, linguistically preprocessed DTMs, topic model results or any other information extracted from texts by the standardized LCM procedures.

In addition to further processing of LCM data objects, external data objects can be imported to combine complex analysis of both, structured and unstructured data. The integration of external resources offers considerable added value. The European infrastructure CLARIN hosts particularly valuable text corpora. In addition, central search functionalities (Virtual Language Observatory, Federated Content Search) are available for the resources hosted in CLARIN, with which (sub-)corpora can be easily retrieved and processed in iLCM infrastructure. Interfaces defined by CLARIN for data import and export will be implemented in the iLCM. To facilitate the use of external resources with restricted access rights, iLCM will integrate a user rights management based on the Shibboleth authentication and authorization. The rights management can be easily connected to identity providers such as managed by Gesis or by the CLARIN infrastructure to grant access for selected data objects and analysis to selected users only.